The new constitution of Kenya (GoK, 2010) offers the opportunity for services to be moved closer to the citizens at the county and sub-county (constituency) or community/grassroots levels. This opportunity, in turn, calls for a concerted effort by KMD to strengthen its infrastructure and services to reach and have the desired influence upon the community or grassroots level of society, where the most severe impacts of climate variability and climate change are realized.

The potential benefits from enhancing the quality and use of meteorological, climate and hydrological information and products in decision-making are enormous, but realizing these benefits will require improvement in infrastructure, human resources development and engagement between providers and users to improve the process for decision- making and to realise social and economic benefits.

This CIS Plan therefore aims to develop a strategy or a framework for providing climate services at the county level with the user’s needs in mind. The implementation of this framework will depend heavily on partnering with all those organisations and individuals whose activity will suffer due to extreme weather and climate impacts.

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