This inventory showcases public good investments funded by the Garissa County Climate Change Fund (GCCCF) over the period 2014- 2017. The public good investments were prioritized by communities through the Ward Climate Change Planning Committees to build their resilience to climate change.

Resilience assessment exercises carried out highlighted water shortage as the greatest challenge in Garissa County and thus all the prioritized investments were on water. The constructed and rehabilitated water infrastructure have reduced the distance that community walked in search of water, reduced cases of inter-clan conflict due to less movement in search of pasture and water, improved school’s attendance, and increase water accessibility ensuring water is available for longer periods.

The projects funded to a tune of Ksh. 10,128,000 are currently benefitting 72,000 people from Sankuri, Nanighi and Goreale Ward. The inventory provides detailed information of the investment including: investment name, location, date of implementation, investment cost, description of the situation before the intervention, description of the situation after the intervention, nature of benefits, the number of beneficiaries and pictorial evidence.

This document will be updated annually to include new CCCF projects that would be funded under the CCCF framework in Garissa County.

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